Choosing a Dress for Your Body Type

We all have a pretty good idea of what looks best on us – maybe there is a wrap dress that you feel beautiful in every time you wear, or maybe it’s that floral print chiffon dress you always get complimented on – and gravitate towards certain personal styles.  Since there are so many different shapes and silhouettes on the market when it comes to dresses, we think that having a more in-depth look at dressing for your body type is never a bad idea.

Dress to shape your body torontoIf you are a curvy girl with a tiny waist – Hourglass Shape. 

Your goal is to highlight your curves, not hide them, but accentuating your waist.

Try a wrap dress: the V-neckline is super flattering for your body type and the wrap detail highlights the curve between your waist and your hips.

If you have a slim lower body and carry weight around your middle – Apple Shape

Your goal is to minimize the midsection by highlighting your shoulders and legs.

Try a shift dress: A shift dress lies just far away enough from the body to conceal any problem areas. Most women with apple figures have shapely legs so get your dress tailored to show them off!

If you’re not very curvy and your hips are around the same size as your waist – Banana Shape

Your goal is to highlight the thinnest part of your waist so your bust and hips appear larger.

Try a side cut-out dress: The small cut-outs on the side of the dress work to make you look curvier and the inward pointing lines whittle your waist making it look smaller. Voila! Curves!

If the widest part of your body is around your hips – Pear Shape

Your goal is to elongate and balance your figure by accentuating your top half.

Try an off the shoulder, fit and flare dress: Your bare shoulders will take the attention off of your lower half and the skirt shape is ideal for highlighting the smallest part of your waist and flaring out to conceal wider hips.

Although this guide is meant to help you choose the ideal dress for your shape, always make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Confidence is the best accessory for any outfit!