How to Take Your Look from Office to Evening Wear

Womens Evening Wear Toronto

These days our schedules are so packed with work, family priorities, social engagements, meetings, parties and dates – not to mention those moments of personal leisure from time to time – that the last thing we want to do is be fussing over our hair, makeup and clothing all day.  Being able to take your look from office to evening with a few quick touch-ups will save a lot of time and keep you looking stylish and put together.

Womens Office Wear Toronto
The solution is to take a few key items in your bag with you to work, ready to change into at the end of the day, mixed with what you are already wearing.

If your starting point is a suit, the easiest way to change your look is to wear a different top. Have you been wearing a shirt all day? Have you been wearing a shirt all day? Switch into a soft chiffon, stretch lace, or a pretty floral blouse to feel elegant and dressed.

If you are used to wearing comfortable shoes to the office, slip into a pair of high-heeled pumps, sandals or ankle boots at the end of the day, and you’ll be dressed for dinner out, or dancing and partying.

Change your skirt from something business-like and serious to one in a fabric that feels festive, like an embroidered, satin, brocade or lace texture to overhaul your look.

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A dress is another quick winner because it can usually fold up small into your bag and drastically change your look.  Match your dress to your jacket in the morning before work to ensure that your look is seamless when you change for the evening. Bring your little black dress for a classic and chic style, or try some funky prints and patterns for a fun and flirty look.

Jewellery is another life saver when it comes to quickly revamping your look.  Statement bracelets and necklaces (wear one or the other) can instantly make your clothes look new and a shot of colour will electrify a somber work outfit.  Likewise, a pair of earrings will brighten up your face and make your outfit appear dressier and more put together.

Bonus tip: Leave your large work tote at the office and move your essentials into a stylish evening bag.

All you need now is an extra slick of lip gloss, a spray of your favourite perfume and a quick mist of hairspray and you are on your way out of the office and ready for a fabulous night out.