Key Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

This season watch for lots of color and a variety of floral prints to make your wardrobe pop.

Pastels that come in soft sorbet shades are the new pretty. Watch for pale pink, eggshell blue, pale peach, pink blush and lovely lilac. Consider wearing two different shades of the same pastel together–like pale pink and amethyst–for a head-turning statement.

Bold color is also filling in this color-filled season. Vibrant shades of red, orange, pink yellow will balance the soft pastels. If an all-bright outfit does not suit your taste, mix a pastel tone with a bold shade of the same color, e.g., a pale pink top with a fuchsia skirt. Don’t worry if you don’t find clothing in colors you like. Just add a statement shoe or bag in a bold or sorbet color to get your fix for the season.

Florals have real power this season. While one floral look usually dominates each spring, this year you’ll have your pick from which to choose. Watch for retro 1950s flowers, turn-of-the-century buds, 1960s-style graphic prints, and explosively large florals. Keep an eye open for  every design in many shades: dark boho mini-flowers,  pastel watercolor interpretations and super-bright island blossoms.