My Memories of Mirvish Village – Franco Mirabelli

david mirvishMirvish1 Memories of my early days as a young designer/entrepreneur came rushing back at a recent tribute event held at Mirvish House on Mirvish St. The gallery featured works of art by Anne Mirvish, Ed’s wife, and photos from the past 30 years of current and previous tenants of Mirvish Village.

I leased my very first retail store space from Ed Mirvish – my first lease agreement was a handshake with Ed.

As I told Ed’s son, David, I missed his dad and his old-world charm. He trusted me after our first meeting and the exchange of a warm handshake. He was an easy, approachable man, and after I moved in, I noticed he was always walking around the neighbourhood, checking out how everything looked and chatting to his tenants.

His attitude and approach to business taught me lessons I’ll always remember.